Hi! I'm Sarah.

I am a Wedding Photographer living in South Queensferry, just outside Edinburgh

I love fresh coffee, lavender, rock music and a good binge on Netflix!

Growing up I loved telling stories. I still do today, however my stories have changed a bit...

Wedding Photography isn't just about taking nice photos. It's the most important day of your lives.

My job is to tell your unique story and I love every minute of it!

From all the detail shots to the moment a Father first sees his daughter in her dress, the vows,

the celebrations and not forgetting all those moments that happen in-between.

 I won’t force you in to any awkward poses or have you do crazy things (unless you really want to and I’d totally be all over that!)

I love to take walks with the Bride and Groom and long for gusts of wind to sweep the brides veil into the air (preferably still attached.)

Photos are more than photos. They are memories, feelings and emotions. Capturing moments in time, which will be remembered, forever.

Let's Do Amazing Things!


BA in Professional Photography

AOP Winning Finalist 2017 & 2018

BIPP Merit Award 2018